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    to Protect Your Medical Practice from Any Threat

    CyberSleuth® will safeguard your data and optimize your systems so you can
    grow your medical practice with confidence

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You can’t predict how cybercriminals will attack if you don’t know how they think, but CyberSleuth® does

We’ve been fighting the bad guys for decades, and we’ll use our cybersecurity experience to keep your medical practice protected, informed, and running smoothly 24/7/365

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CyberSleuth® was founded by former Top-Secret Camp David United States Marine and former Cyber Forensic detective who spent their careers protecting the public from the most dangerous cybercriminals on the internet.

Now we use our experience and expertise to protect private medical practices just like yours and prevent devastating data breaches and compliance penalties. With our passion for cybersecurity and cutting-edge solutions and best practices on your side, your medical practice will enjoy reduced risk, higher productivity, guaranteed compliance, and ironclad resilience.

With CyberSleuth®’s various service plans, you can get
your cybersecurity needs met without going over budget

Professional Services

Supplemental consulting services that give your medical practice access to decades worth of IT and cybersecurity knowledge and expertise

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In our profession, time is always of the essence

So we’ve made protecting your medical practice data quick and simple

Free Assessment

Schedule a free cybersecurity assessment. We’ll investigate your systems and pinpoint any vulnerabilities and inefficiencies.

Review and Strategize

We’ll review the findings, discuss your options, and go over which plans and services will best meet your needs.

Execute Plan

Once our strategy is set, we’ll start implementing your solutions right away so that you’re protected as soon as possible.

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